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  • General Admission $15.00
  • Seniors and Students $12.00

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Current Season

13th Season 2015 - 2016

13th Annual Reading Festival
March 13 & 14 2015

DeSmet High School

This year five plays have been selected to be read over two days.
March 13, 7 PM The Other Side byDavid Hawley
March 14, 10 AM Sparrows Fall by Richard T. Young
March 14, 1 PM Waiting for Gabby by Jessica Beaustring
March 14, 3 PM Elly and Hubert by David Hawley
March 14, 7 PM Gallows Tales by Steve Callahan
This event is Free and Open to the Public
The Bones of Malcolm MacDuff
by David Hawley
July 10 - 19 2015

Directed by Shahnaz Ahmed
Original Music by Tim Garcia

When impecunious medical student Frank takes rooms overlooking the cemetery with Victor, he and his very modern fiancée Miriam, are unaware of the macabre sideline in that Victor is running with his shady business partner, Malcolm MacDuff. When Miriam's redoubtable mother, Mrs. Forbes, decides to provide a little assistance to Frank's studies,  an anatomical skeleton needs to be procured. But when Malcolm pushes things too far, he looks like taking the blame for both himself and Victor, something he is not likely to forgive.  Investigating officer, Sergeant Moscrop of the Edinburgh, police has dealt with all manner of criminals, but he's never dealt with a  felon like this before. Is Victor haunted by more than just memories?

Spectrum 2015
November 6 - 15 2015
New short plays by St. Louis area playwrights.

Directed by Karen Pierce and Simon Kaplan
Original Music by Adam Rosen


Ann Egenriether
Ashley Netzhammer
Dan Heise
David DeRose
David Hawley
Elizabeth McCormick
Jenevieve Lafferty
Mary Roberts
Nathan Schroeder
Patrick Bowden
  • Best Friends Forever by Steve Callahan
  • American Dolls by Rita Winters
  • The Patty Duke Question by Greg Bailey
  • Kibble byDavid Hawley
  • The Breeders by Larry D. Quiggins
  • The Hamburger Clown by David Hawley
  • Next by Gerry Mandel
  • The Probelm with Pamela by Dan McGee

This production will be presented at

Southampton Presbyterian Church
4716 Macklind Ave
St. Louis MO 63109-2988

The Other Side
by David Hawley
January 8 - 17 2016

Directed by Phillip Gill
Original Music by Jerry Rabushka

Stan and Kevin are two post graduate Psychology students from England and Ireland working on their doctorate thesis in Boston. they decide to combine their research into spiritualism with the need to make a few extra bucks by setting up as mediums themselves. Things are going very well for them until a client who wants to contact her father turns out to be the daughter of the local mafia Don. Things start going crazy when she has them confirm he's dead and her brother now demands to know who killed him. How do our boys get out of this mess and evade the overly large strong-arm for the brother who also happens to be a Ph.D. in mathematics from Harvard? We will find out. .


Stan Ramsbottom Phil Leveling
Kevin Kelly Michael Pierce
Mrs Jenny Morpeth Annalise Webb
Benedetta Baldassare Bridgette Bassa
Valentino Baldassare David DeRose
Inspector Ronald Corner Rob Stevenson
Mr Marinello Thad O'Donnell
Dr Ferring Alex L. Hylton

All Productions except Spectrum 2015

Will be staged in De Smet High School's beautiful Thomas Hunter Theatre, in Creve Coeur. Performances on

  • Thursdays or Fridays at 8:00 P.M.
  • Saturdays at 8:00 P.M.
  • Sundays at 2:00 P.M.

Advanced Ticket Sales

  • General Admission $12.00
  • Seniors and Students $10.00
  • Groups of 10 or more
  • General Admission $10.00
  • Seniors and Students $8.00

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